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Pool & Prices: Facilities

Pool Hire

Gives dogs and their owners the opportunity to swim in clean, heated water, in a safe environment. Bookings are for 30-minutes private use of the pool for you and your dog/s under the watchful eye of a canine first-aider. Suitable for confident swimmers & one-off swims.

Heated Pool

Professionally cleaned

Buoyancy aids provided

Water toys available

Supervised by first-aider

Owners swim


20 minutes of swimming is the equivalent to a 2-hour walk

Water eases pressure on joints for dogs of all ages

Safe environment to learn to swim

Warm water all year round

Easy to book for one-off trips and holidays

Pool Hire Sessions

The Pool 

The pool is 12 x 24ft, heated to 29C and cleaned professionally without the use of excessive chemicals.


There is a ramp to enter/exit the pool, and the depth is 1.2m so you can stand throughout.


Water toys are provided, but you are also welcome to bring your own.

Health & Fitness

For Pool-hire all dog's booked must be free from any known health or joint condition - if you are unsure consider consulting your vet.

Swimming is an intensive form of exercise, and so it is important to consider the health and fitness levels of your dog/s. 


Dog's with pre-existing conditions can book therapist-led Fun & Fitness or Hydrotherapy. 

Owner’s swim

 Please note, you must enter the pool with your dog.

Up to four adults can enter the pool with the dog/s. 

You must be over 16 to enter the water. 

We advise you come changed to enter the pool to maximise your swim time, but changing facilities are available

If you do not want to enter the pool, you must book a therapist-led session (Hydrotherapy, Fun & Fitness, Puppy swim)


30 minutes private hire of the centre - £35 for one dog

Additional dogs charged at £2.50


Buoyancy Aids

 Canine Buoyancy aids are fitted prior to entering the pool area, and must be worn for the duration of the session. They are specially designed to be non-restrictive an allow free-movement of the dogs limbs. They ensure the spine is supported, and encourage correct swimming posture, they also provide additional support for joints reducing the risk of over extension and provide a buffer against the hydrostatic pressure within the pool environment and help to limit fatigue.



 Staff are present on poolside to ensure the safety and comfort of both the dogs and owners, they are not able to assist with the session or provide advice on duration of swim, or how to correct movements. 

If you feel you may need support with your dog, therapist led swims add an additional layer of support.



Whether you are bringing a puppy for the first time, a dog that is anxious of water, or even an already water-mad dog, swimming in a pool is a new and different experience.


We find dogs are more confident and likely to swim when they attend solo, as multiple dogs often cause distraction and increase anxiety.


We advise against mixing dogs that are anxious or haven't yet swum.


You can book up to three dogs.


Dog's must be from the same household.



 We ask that you avoid/limit non-swimming spectators for the first session, as they can create distractions that prevent the dog from swimming.

After the first visit, dogs are more confident, and spectators are welcome. Please make all spectators aware they may get splashed or wet!

Session run time

 Sessions are 30 minutes private hire of the pool and centre, which includes time entering and exiting the centre.

You will be brought into the centre at the start of your session, and dogs will be fitted with a buoyancy aid, you can then proceed up to the pool. 

Please allow yourself time to change, and shower your dog/s if you choose to, before the end of your session. 

You must leave the centre promptly at the end of your session to ensure the next session runs on time.


*Please note* Pool-hire is restricted around our hydrotherapy timetable.

30 minute sessions can be booked up to one week in advance.

We advertise our availability each week on our Facebook page, or you can express an interest in a day/time below, or call us on 01603 975737 to join our waiting list.

To manage expectations these sessions are rarely available during peak times (evenings, weekends, bank holidays) but we do hold a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Request a session

Please note this is a request only.
We will be in touch within our working hours Weds to Saturday to accept or decline.

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