Ask Us Anything!

Can I book multiple dogs for a private swim?

Yes, absolutely!

The private swim sessions allow you to book private use of the pool. You’re also welcome to bring other family members/friends and their dogs too.

A maximum of five dogs can attend.

Will I be able to swim with my dogs?

Of course! We actively encourage you to get into the pool with your dog/s which reduces their anxiety in a new situation.

Where are you based?

Doggy Paddle Norwich, 5 Alston Road, Hellesdon Park Industrial Estate, NR6 5DS.

When you enter the industrial estate you will need to follow Hellesdon Park Road towards the back of the estate until you see a left-hand turn for Alston Road, this is front of Hussey Knights. You will then need to follow Alston Road around the corner passed DHL on the left until you see our A-Board sign and then turn left between Harrisons Testing and AutoHaus.

Following Google Maps will bring you direct to our door, find directions here

How do you clean the water without high levels of chlorine?


Firstly, as we allow you humans in the water too, we are actually classed as a commercial pool, and as such have some very strict rules/regulations to follow from the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG).


We are legally required to have a qualified Pool Technical Operator on staff (Rachel) who ensures all pool equipment is operating effectively, and ensure the water chemistry is maintained at a safe level.

Our water is tested every two hours in house, to ensure the disinfectant, and pH levels in the water are operating at safe levels.


Additionally, a sample of the water is also sent to an independent UKAS lab once a month, to ensure there are no traces of bacteria within the water.

We use two methods of disinfection for our pool water.


Our primary method uses the process of electrolysis which introduces charged copper, silver and zinc ions into the water, which break down bacteria, viruses and dirt. This method is natural / chemical-free, has been used for centuries and is typically how drinking water is cleaned.


This allows us to keep our pool disinfectant (bromine) at a much lower dose than traditional swimming pools, so that water is more comfortable for fur, skin & eyes.

We then have a heavy duty pool pump and filter, which circulate the water and traps any dirt (or hair!), before returning fresher water to the pool.


All of this allows us to keep our water clean and clear, without excessive chemicals, which makes it safer for fur, skin & eyes

Is the pool step free?

We have a ramp leading up to the side of the pool which is accessible for dogs and humans. We also have a secondary ramp leading into the pool for dogs to enter the water, but owners will access the pool via a set of sloped steps.

Are life jackets available?

Yes, canine life jackets are available on-site in all sizes.
All dogs entering the water will be encouraged to wear them.

Do you offer hydrotherapy?

We do not offer hydrotherapy, you will need to speak to your vet for a local referral. 
This is a leisure swimming pool, for dogs to come along and play, swim or splash in the water.
Although taking the weight of joints with swimming has its benefits for dogs of all ages and weights.

Do I need a vet referral?

No, because we are a leisure service, you do not need a vet referral, you can just book in.
Although if your dog has any health concerns that you think may be affected by swimming, we advise you to consult with your vet first.

Can children enter the water?

Unfortunately no, only adults over the age of 16 can enter the water. Children can watch from poolside providing a supervising adult is present, please be aware that any spectators are also likely to get wet, and the poolside can be slippery.

What should I wear in the water?

Our water is heated so you will not need to wear a wet suit, but we do recommend you wear a t-shirt and either shorts/leggings to protect yourself from dogs claws.