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Fun & Fitness Swims

Swim sessions are led by a certified canine hydrotherapist and use the therapeutic properties of heated water to exercise dogs in a weight-free environment.


Suitable for dogs of any age and sessions are tailored to meet your individual goals. Swim sessions provide an enriching activity for your dog that they will enjoy, whilst also supporting their joint health, building muscle mass, improving fitness levels and even aiding weight loss.


This can either be structured swimming to work on their fitness and joint health, or more fun toys and fetch or a mix of both!


Build or maintain muscle mass

Joint support

Reduce inflammation

Improve fitness

Provides enrichment

Low-impact exercise

or just for fun!

Sessions are thirty minutes in length and include a health assessment, and a post-swim shower and dry. 
Sessions are £35

Discounted sessions are available for those attending weekly and fortnightly, with a minimum of four sessions booked. Speak to staff for more details.

We can accommodate two dogs from the same household, once both dogs have had an introductory session. The cost for additional dogs is £5.

Sessions can be booked weekly, fortnightly or monthly

*10% Block Booking Discounts are available*

when 10 sessions are purchased upfront.


Sessions are run by Rachel and Alina, registered hydrotherapists with the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT) 

Fun & Fitness programs are individualised in order to provide the best level of support and vary according to the dog's physical condition, breed, behaviour and age. For this reason prior to your first booking we are required to contact your registered vet to obtain a brief medical history, and confirm that the dog is in a suitable state of health to swim.

Due to the time taken to gain this veterinary consent, there is a minimum of three sessions for the therapist-led sessions. 

To begin sessions, add your details below and we'll get in touch with details, or

call us on 01603 97 57 37

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