Fun & Fitness Swims

Thirty-minute therapist-led swim sessions tailored to meet your goals.


Build or maintain muscle mass

Joint support

Reduce inflammation

Improve fitness

Provides enrichment

Low-impact exercise

or just for fun!



Rachel is a qualified canine hydrotherapist, and a member of the institute of canine hydrotherapists (MIRVAP ICH), completing her level 3 certificate in canine hydrotherapy at the South Coast Hydrotherapy School in 2021. 


Hydrotherapy sessions are by appointment only, contact Rachel at or register your interest below.

Sessions are thirty minutes in length and include a health assessment, and a post-swim shower and dry. 
Sessions are £30


Orthopaedic, post-operative cases or those that are more apprehensive of water may require an hour-long double session initially which would be £50.

*10% Block Booking Discounts are available*

when 10 sessions are purchased upfront.

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Fun & Fitness programs are individualised in order to provide the best level of support and vary according to the dog's physical condition, breed, behaviour and age. For this reason prior to your first booking we are required to contact your registered vet to obtain a brief medical history, and confirm that the dog is in a suitable state of health to swim.


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page 2 will be forwarded and completed by your registered vet.